Seal Bay Diving Camping (3days, cabin+Snorkeling Course)


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The coach will lead the kids in diving. Parents can choose not to dive.
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Day 1 Accommodation:cabin  Food: dinner

Departing from Horseshoe Bay Terminal, embark on a ferry journey to the charming Powell River, arriving in the afternoon. From there, a 40-minute drive will lead you to the luxurious coastal campsite of Seals Bay Glamping camping site. Here, indulge in a sumptuous seafood dinner featuring fresh scallops, oysters, spot prawns, clams, and more. Accompanied by locally sourced corn, potatoes, and carrots straight from the nearby farms, it’s a feast for the taste buds and the most direct sensory experience of this land. (*Seafood selection may vary seasonally, please consult customer service for confirmation. If allergic to seafood, please notify customer service in advance.)

Day 2 Accommodation:cabin Food: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Equipment Provided for All Courses

Snorkeling Course(half day)

  • The class is divided into morning and afternoon sessions, each with 4 participants
    Ideal for young children and beginners.
  • Course Details:
    Learn about snorkeling equipment, diving environment, and how to interact properly with marine life.
    Instructions on how to adjust, prepare, and wear the equipment.
    How to use a snorkel to breathe without inhaling water.
    Explore the colorful underwater world in beautiful seawater and practice skills.
  • Age & Swimming Skill Requirements: 6 years old or above, basic swimming skills required
  • Certification: None
  • Optional Service: Snorkeling Photograph

Participants who choose snorkeling class can take the opportunity to go tide-pooling in the morning (or afternoon) and enjoy the joy of a bountiful oyster harvest! Near the Seal Bay campsite, there’s an oyster hub where the ground is covered with oysters. There are also countless starfish, clams, and small crabs, and best of all, it’s not crowded at all!

Day 3  Food: breakfast

After enjoying breakfast, say goodbye to Powell River.

Itinerary Duration
3 Days and 2 Nights (August 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th)

Cost Details
Snorkeling Class: 3 days and 2 nights camping: $860 per person

Photography Service:

Snorkeling Underwater Photography: $650 per person, includes 4 retouched photos + 30-second video. Additional photos: $80 per photo

Same price for adults and children

Base Price $860/person Includes:

  • 2 nights’ accommodation
  • 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 2 dinners
  • snorkeling class

Cabin assignments are based on payment order; limited availability, first-come, first-served. The cabins are pet-friendly, fully equipped with air conditioning, bathroom, and furniture. -> Cabin Details

Not included in the base cost:

Cabin cleaning fee: $40 (without pets), $90 (with pets)
Other optional services: insurance, medicine, etc

Cancellation Policy
No refund, but you can reschedule to another date for free.

The final interpretation of the itinerary is reserved by Seal Bay. The variety of seafood for the seafood feast will vary with the season, so please inform us in advance if you have any seafood allergies. If weather or other force majeure factors such as related policies affect the itinerary or activity reservations, adjustments will be made according to the specific situation, and we ask for your understanding.

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